History About Savalan sabz Co

Solan Sabz company was established in 1350 under the name of Solan Production and Industrial Group. By building a factory in Iran, in the Kahrizak area of Tehran, and on a land of 33,000 square meters, this company was able to produce heating and cooling systems, including water coolers, oil and gas heaters, and oil and gas cookers. Take effective measures for your growth and prosperity. Solan Sabz Production and Industrial Group, with more than half a century of experience and innovation, is a leader in the household appliance industry and won various national honors by producing all kinds of coolers, heaters and cooking stoves, exporting more than 95% of its products, a major share in the country’s home appliance exports. is in charge In consecutive years, this company was introduced as a sample exporter and as a sample quality and standard unit, it received the golden statue of the standard badge.

In order to achieve the macro-organizational goals, this company has started to implement management systems, and for this purpose, it has succeeded in receiving the latest editions of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, CE certificates, and since the level of competition, the method Production processes are expanding at an increasing speed, therefore, in the business category, research and development are of high importance. This issue becomes especially important in the field of marketing, where companies focus their sharp eyes on competitors and customers in order to keep up with the new trends of the consumer market and also to analyze the needs of consumers. In this regard, Solan Sabz Company has received an R&D certificate from the Research and Development Unit of the Ministry of Industries.

Also, this company, understanding the necessity of satisfying the quantitative and qualitative needs of customers with the aim of optimizing and reducing energy consumption, is the first producer of water coolers with energy grade A, which these products are produced and available under the support of Iran’s Energy Consumption Optimization Organization (SABA). Dear consumers.

Solan company, with the direct employment of more than 500 specialized and committed human resources, has been awarded the statue of the best entrepreneur many times.

The senior management of Solan Sabz company, with its experienced and expert staff, leads the group towards its lofty goals, that is, customer satisfaction, and in line with the quality policy by expanding after-sales service centers and providing full-time service at the lowest cost in the shortest possible time. And due to the diligence in obtaining and maintaining the quality of manufactured products, it has started to create extensive design and production lines to produce major parts of its products and has established its production lines in accordance with the standards of the world. The company is produced based on international standards for cooling purposes with standard galvanized sheets with high thickness and zinc coating of 200 to 220 microns, as well as electrostatic powder paint, with high cooling efficiency, excellent ventilation, low electricity consumption, one year warranty and free installation. . Among the other products of this collection are oil-burning heaters, which are produced with high heating power, odorless, low consumption, beautiful appearance, electrostatic paint coating and one year warranty.

With suitable infrastructure and high potential, Solan Sabz has the ability to increase production up to three times the current capacity, which currently has a sub-category consisting of Philex, Fixo, Base Plus and Frenz brands in order to reach international markets. And increasing the share of exports in line with a successful business has made it possible for us to witness the growth and innovation of the mentioned brands in the not too distant future in meeting the needs of customers in creating and diversifying products.