Water cooler is one of the most widely used types of cooling equipment, which has been one of the first choices of people from the past until today. But the difference that distinguishes these 2 products is related to the type of evaporation mediums that are placed around the cooler chambers.

In water coolers, the evaporation medium is made of cloth, while in cellulose coolers, the evaporation medium of cellulose is used, which is produced from the combination of fir and paper in the form of mesh.

Is the cooling power of water cooler or cellulose cooler more?

To compare these 2 models of water coolers, the cooling power of the device should be examined.

The texture of the bags is heterogeneous and variable. That is, after water is poured on the cloths, they move after a short period of time, and we see a 20% drop. But in cellulosic coolers, due to being homogeneous and uniform, hot air does not penetrate inside, thus multiplying the cooling power of cellulose coolers.

Which one requires less maintenance?

If you have a history of using water coolers, you will see that cooler covers should be replaced at least once a year. But if cellulose pads can be replaced every 3 to 5 years. This means that the useful life of the cellulose pad is 3 to 5 times that of the pad. On the other hand, the maintenance of cellulose pads is less because they can be washed without changing their appearance.

Which model has the lowest power consumption?

It is true that the water cooler consumes less electricity than the types of gas coolers, but still, this difference in the amount of energy consumption in the device can be seen among the plastic and cellulose water coolers.

It is interesting to know that when the relative humidity of the outside air is less than 15% in summer, cellulose pads have the ability to reduce the temperature of the outgoing air by 15 degrees Celsius.

Since the amount of cooling of the ambient air by the cooler increases, the power consumption of the device also decreases, it can be concluded that the amount of electricity consumption in cellulose water coolers is lower than the plastic model.

Which device has the lowest water consumption?

In the previous part, we explained that the cooling power of the cellulose water cooler is more than the cover model, for this reason we can understand the higher consumption of water in the cellulose water coolers.

Because naturally, the water cooler has more cooling power when it evaporates more water. Therefore, water consumption in plastic water coolers is less than cellulose.

Which one is less harmful to human health?

Some people believe that water coolers can be more harmful to human health than gas coolers.

This is because in air conditioners, the air entering the building is passed through a filter, and actually the outside air does not interfere with the inside.

But in water coolers, there is a possibility of bacteria entering the building and even some people are allergic to water cooler air.

But for several reasons, cellulose water coolers are not only not harmful to people’s health, but are also considered to protect health:

The types of compounds used in cellulose pads are such that they do not cause any type of allergy or complications for people, unlike pushal.

While in the water coolers, there is a possibility of separating the particles of the fabric tissue and causing people to suffer from respiratory diseases.

Cohesive cellulose pads do not break, so there is no room for bacteria to grow and multiply between the pores of the cellulose pad.

But in water coolers, the surface of the coolers is always wet, and this humidity prepares the place and conditions for the accumulation and growth of all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria and viruses can be directed into the building through the wind of the fan cooler and provide the basis for people’s illness.

So, according to what was said, it can be concluded that with cellulose water cooler, you can breathe in a cleaner environment.

Is the plastic water cooler cheaper or cellulose?

Certainly, the issue of the purchase price is one of the main challenges that we face when purchasing a water cooler.

Especially if we have allocated a small budget for this issue, we would like to know if the cellulose water cooler is cheaper or fake?

Considering that the purchase price of cellulose pad is much higher than the purchase price of water cooler covers, this issue has also affected the price of cellulose water coolers.

Can the plastic water cooler be converted into cellulose?

Another important question that sticks in people’s minds about cellulose and plastic water coolers is about the possibility or impossibility of converting plastic water coolers to cellulose and even vice versa.

The answer to this question is yes. Since both cellulosic coolers and pushers have the same motor structure and consist of similar components, you can easily convert these two models to each other.

The only thing that you should consider when converting a plastic water cooler to cellulose is to pay attention to the difference in the type of cooler door and the size of the pads.

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